Search Engine Optimization for Online Stores for Beginners (SEO)

Main traffic source for most of the ecommerce sites is search engines. If the case is different for you it means you pay too much to drive visitors to your site. If your organic traffic that comes from search engines is not enough, you can meet the deficit only increasing your online advertising budget.

To drive traffic from search engines, your ecommerce site should be at the top of the keyword search results. Because the researches show that 53% of the users finish the search clicking the first result. The click rate of the second site in the search results is 15%. The rate of the third one is 6%. Other 27% is divided among other pages, starting from the fourth result.

In other words if you are not at the top three in the search results, it means you should content yourself with the ¼ of your potential organic traffic. The solution is search engine optimization (SEO).

Here below you can find the questions of the beginners who just start to the search engine optimization for online stores for beginners and our answers for them…

What is search engine optimization?

Basically, search engine optimization or SEO is the operations for an easy browsing and indexing of search engines.

What is a keyword?

The name of the words which the users enter to search in search engines is keyword. The aim is to take a place at the top of the results with the target keywords.

How important is the original content?

When search engines decide the quality of the site, they search that if the contents in the site are found in other sites. Original contents, which are not found in other sites, will provide advantage for search engine optimization. And you will have chance to freely use the keywords in the texts while you edit your original contents.

How important is the domain name?

The domain name is very important for search engine optimization. So giving a place to the keyword partially or completely in your domain name will be useful for you.

What is the importance of ecommerce infrastructure?

The most part of search engine optimization is formed of a technical operation and having a powerful infrastructure is important.

What is off page SEO?

Even if most part of SEO is formed of the operations on your site, off page SEO is also important. The most significant factor is backlinks from other sites. Each links from other sites will increase the value of your site.

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